WatermelonBUSD Whitepaper

WatermelonBUSD is an easy to use investment platform built by a team of crypto enthusiasts active since 2016. The purpose of this platform is to provide a ROI to active users, and drive conversion between the different WatermelonBUSD products that are improving the sustainability of the platform, creating a positive loop into the investments.

Watermelon BUSD Investment Platform

The first product launched is a fixed BUSD 12% daily ROI investment platform. It is available here. The investment platform has a very low minimum of 10 BUSD of investment for its usage, allowing also trying the platform with small amounts. We decided to not go lower than 10 BUSD minimum deposit in order to ensure the investor is not going to lose all the advantages of the platform in network fees. The deposit fees consists of a 8% going into marketing investment to further expand the platform user base and 2% to cover dev activities
Also, to avoid having whales ruining the project, we limit the maximum investment to 5000 BUSD.

The investment has a cap on ROI of 500%. At any time during the current investment, or after the maximum ROI is reached, a user can deposit a new amount into the platform to start a new cycle.

The investment model of WatermelonBUSD requires rewards claiming every 24 hours, and the possibility to withdraw 50% of available rewards on a weekly basis. To differentiate WatermelonBUSD from other similar products, the withdrawal fee is just a little 1%, in order to help cover the dev activities.

A useful and common way to expand the user base is to provide a referral advantage: in WatermelonBUSD this consists in a one time 10% reward on the amount invested by the referred person. This amount is not included in the maximum ROI calculation and can be withdrawn immediately.

The contract is immutable and it’s available for scan on BSCScan

Watermelon BUSD Lottery

In order to expand the platform capabilities and maintain WatermelonBUSD sustainable in the long term, a lottery dapp has been added and it's available here. The lottery entrance tickets and prices can be changed in the future, and the updated values will always be displayed on the lottery page.

Other dapps will be added in the upcoming weeks to further improve the investment contract sustainability.


The fixed ROI contract has be audited by georgestamp.xyz and we received a score of 76. Full details of the audit are available here.

Risks and Warnings

Please remember that this is a high-return and hence high-risk product. Rewards will be available to be claimed from the WatermelonBUSD contract as long as the BUSD balance remains above zero. Please DYOR and never invest more than you can afford to lose.